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PHP. Тема: Скрипты. Ваши вопросы.
Moving PHP forward through collaboration and standards. Welcome to the PHP Framework Interop We're a group of established PHP projects whose goal is to talk about commonalities between our...
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Hven (svensk stavemåde efter 1906 Ven) er en svensk ø i Øresund, hørende til Landskrona kommune, Skåne län.. Øen er cirka 4,5 kilometer lang og op til 2,4 kilometer bred, og den har et areal på 7,5 kvadratkilometer.
Amended and Restated Term Sheet † To prospectus dated November 21, 2008, prospectus supplement dated November 21, 2008 and product supplement no. 194-A-I dated July 14, 2010
NuSphere has developed Nu-Coder - a powerful PHP Encoder that enables PHP developers to protect their PHP code from tampering and unauthorized copying. Nu-Coder converts the source code of...
S. G. Rykovanov, J. Schreiber, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, C. Bellei, A. Henig, H. C. Wu and M. Geissler New Journal of Physics, 10, 113005, (2008) Dense laser-driven electron sheets as relativistic mirrors for coherent production of brilliant X-ray and ?-ray beams